Bioslurry Paying School Fees in Trans Nzoia County

Bioslurry Paying School Fees in Trans Nzoia County

Mrs .Teresia Maina is one of the successful farmers from in Waitaluk location in TransNzoia county, she installed a biodigester in 2014. Just like most farmers in Kenya, she is a mixed farmer. She prides enjoying the total benefits of a biodigester through use of bioslurry.

Teresia has ventured into cabbage production where she has found a reliable source of school fees for her children. In the beginning, she did not know the effect of using bioslurry on her vegetables hence would always use artificial fertilizers and pesticides to be sure. She started off with a few plants on bioslurry, she had harvested 1540 heads of cabbage and sold at Ksh. 15, earning a total income of ksh 23,100. Since she did not incur costs of fertilizers and pesticides, she counted this as great profit.
In the subsequent season, the farmer is expecting to harvest 7,210 heads of cabbages of which she has already committed Kshs.108,150 to school fees for her children.

She has started leasing more land from her neighbors to meet her contractual obligations to supply schools with vegetables. She enjoys the low costs of investments due to savings from pesticides and fertilizers.

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