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EOI – Biodigester Field Verification


The Kenya Biogas Program has partnered with Biogas Construction Enterprises and medium sized Biogas Companies to create a viable market environment for Biogas sector to thrive. As part of our processes, biogas digesters are constructed, commissioned (gas produced) and reported to KBP by Biogas Construction Entrepreneurs and companies for purposes of verification through Customer Service Centre which determines the next course of action which could be incentive payment, unflagging or repair.
The data that has gone through the above process needs further verification to ensure that there is no falsification of information.

Objective of the assignment

The field physical verification is meant to guarantee that data collection in the field is happening as expected and that the standards set are met.

Please download the following documents for the full details and application process.

EoI Field Data Verification

Download File – 107 KB

EOI RESPONSE FORM Field Data Verification

Download File – 60.5 KB

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