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EOL Construction training on the MODIFIED KENBIM BIO-DIGESTER


As part of ABPP intervention in addressing affordability, the Modified Kenbim Design was born and rolled out in 2016. Since then there has been an increased adoption rate which has buttressed competitiveness of the fixed dome in a rapidly changing bio-digester technology’s landscape. This coupled with the growth in the sector has led to more players demanding for training and capacity building to increase their competitive edge.
To boost market roll-out and product reputation and quality, continuous training and refresher is important. The training will be executed by ToT (Biogas technician) under the supervision of the Quality Manager, KBP.

This Terms of Reference serves to specify the assignment.

Main activities

The assignment includes:

a) Compilation of training material, construction manual, technical drawings and bill of quantities for the MKD-biodigester;
b) Brief assessment / scoping of most common construction issues for the MKD-biodigester
c) Preparation and facilitation of the training sessions for the designated mason trainees (both theoretical and practical fieldwork) for the construction of the MKD-biodigester;
d) Formulation of a brief (draft and final) report to the Kenya Biogas Programme;

The KBP and the selected biogas technician (ToT), will support the training sessions with:

  • Selection of proper training households (qualifying for biogas, interested to invest in materials, in relative close proximity to each other)
  • Preparation of the sites (all materials available on-site, excavation completed, bricks made)
  •  Logistical support for participants, biogas technician and QM

Time schedule and location (tentative, to be finalized by the expert)

The assignment includes three training sessions as follows:1)

  1. August 9th to August 11th , 2019: Assessment, site preparation (setting out, excavation, brick making)
  2. August 12th to August 21st, 2019: Biogas Construction Training-Nyeri county

Financial and Technical bid to the call

Indicate your costs for this assignment which should incorporate:

  1. All expenses for the ToT; Including remuneration, Expenses for accommodation, transport and food
  2. All costs will be borne by KBP.

Expected output

Output includes:

  • 30 biogas masons,QSPs & BESPs trained on MKD-biodigester construction (number will depend on turn out)
  • 3 MKD-biodigesters will be constructed at selected household sites in the vicinity of the chosen training localities in the areas.
  • All trainees shall be provided with a MKD construction manual, MKD design drawings and MKD BoQ forms.
  • Plants built for training purposes will be built at selected household sites in the vicinity of the chosen training localities in the areas.
  • Draft and final report on the training.

NB: All responses should be sent to and copied to


EOL Construction training on the MODIFIED KENBIM BIO-DIGESTER

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  1. It’s good for such event to take at the since many masons doesn’t have new knowldge on mkd and it’s importance in terms reduced cost

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