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Request for Expression of Interest: Technical inspection of domestic biodigesters in Kenya

Request for an Expressions of Interest

The Kenya Biogas Program (the National Implementation Agent of the ABPP) requests for Expressions of Interest
(EoIs) for technical inspection of domestic biodigesters in Kenya. Selected parties will receive an induction in bio-digester technical inspection, will sign a code of conduct and will receive a Quality Service Provider (QSP) certificate from the program.

Scope of work

QSPs will inspect biodigesters in their working area as directed by the Kenya Biogas program according to a detailed inspection protocol. Where inspection takes place with the constructing agency present, on-site instruction or Technical advice to sector players in their respective area of operation (where relevant) may be part of the assignment. Expected output from the inspection, shall be a submission a Q-report -consisting of GPS location, pictures, inspection report and narrative- to the Kenya Biogas Program.

Area of work

QSPs will be selected for a designated working area.

Volume of work

Contracts will be allocated in units of 20 inspections or less, and will be renewed following demand in the sector and assessment of the quality of inspection and reporting.


For proper inspection, a basic tool kit (including among other measuring tape, measuring rod, water level, pressure meter, air pump) is required. Reporting will be based on a dedicated mobile app for which an Android smart phone or tablet is required. Selected applicants are expected to purchase the basic tool kit and smart phone themselves.


To qualify, interested parties shall meet following criteria:

  • Ethical: Successful applicants show no evidence of fraudulent, deceptive, misleading or insidious behaviour and subscribe to the code of conduct for the Kenya Biogas Program.
  • Technical: Successful applicants have a good knowledge of biogas technology (to be established with an entrance test), and a sound construction record (in number and quality) over past 2 years
  • Quality: Successful applicants express proper understanding of quality management in the sector and show behavioural competences, combining quality management with on-site instruction
  • Successful applicants are registered as biogas companies or biogas consultants.

Expression of Interest

Interested parties may submit their EoI by email to the Kenya Biogas Program (info@kbp.co.ke). This request is on a rolling basis and individuals will be contacted as opportunity arises. Further information can be obtained from info@kbp.co.ke

EoIs shall contain the following information:

  • Introduction of applicant (including work experience and education)
  • Introduction of company of applicant (including location of establishment and working area)
  • Bio-digester track record (plant list, including names and telephone numbers of clients and geographical distribution)
  • Quotation for bio-digester inspection (based on average 3 hours inspection time).
  • Quotation for traveling costs (KSH per km)

2 comments Request for Expression of Interest: Technical inspection of domestic biodigesters in Kenya

  1. Very much interested, I have good working knowledge of fixed dome plants.All my plants are in good working condition,have done a lot of trouble shooting leaving my clients with
    much confidence of my work.

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