TOR – The Business Case for Household Biodigesters

Over the period 2009 – mid 2019, the ABPP1supported the installation of over 73,500 bio-digesters.
With these digesters, the programme benefitted over 441,000 people in terms of improved health, increased agricultural production following bio- slurry application, access to renewable energy for cooking and workload reduction.

In addition, the programme created significant (rural, artisan-level) employment and established a basis for a commercially viable biodigester sector in the programme countries.
The adjacent table offers a summarized overview of the estimated results of the programme.
The ABPP would like to quantify some of the benefits for both users and
companies in more detail. For that purpose, ABPP intends to commission the study into “the business case of household biodigesters for users and biodigester companies”, for which this is the Terms of Reference.

TOR – The Business Case for Household Biodigesters

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