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Uses of a Bio-digester

A bio-digester produces clean cooking gas called biogas, and Organic fertilizer called Bio-slurry.

  • Kenya Biogas Program

    Biogas = Green Cooking

  • Kenya Biogas Program

    Biogas = Power for small farm

  • Kenya Biogas Program

    Biogas = Green Lighting

  • Kenya Biogas Program

    Biogas = Brooding for Poultry

  • Kenya Biogas Program

    Bio-slurry = Organic Fertilizer

  • Kenya Biogas Program

    Bio-slurry = Animal Feed

Enjoy the Total Benefits
of a Bio-digester

Recycling Animal and Kitchen Waste using a simple technology

Enjoy energy at no extra cost (Home Solution)

Enjoy animal and horticulture productivity (Farm Solution)

Kenya Biogas Program
  • We are happy beyond limits for KBP help. Thanks so much for taking us to the digital levels to keep online records for our plants through Taro Works application

    Moses Kamonye Kiambu County – Biogas Entrepreneur

  • Using biogas has improved my daily life. It produces no smoke and is much safer than the traditional three stones fires I was used to

    Irene Omukata, Trans Nzoia County – Farmer

  • Bioslurry has helped adopt organic farming which has reduced my costs on artificial fertilizer and has increased the coffee yields

    James Ndungu, Murang’a County – Farmer

  • I am using the savings on firewood to pay school fees for my children, thanks to biogas

    Pauline Wairimu, Kajiado County – Business Lady

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