Who We Are

The Kenya Biogas Program (KBP)
is the lead entity implementing
the Africa Biogas Partnership Program (in Kenya).
KBP envisions a commercially viable domestic
biogas sector that would contribute towards food security,
clean/sustainable use of energy and environmental conservation.
The Kenya Biogas Program (KBP)
envisions all Kenyan households accessing and
utilizing green energy for their homes and
green fertilizer for their farm.

We are contributing to this vision through our efforts in developing a commercially viable and sustainable domestic bio-digester sector in Kenya by 2019. KBP is a constituent of the ABPP, a Public Private Partnership between Hivos, SNV (Netherlands Development Organization) and the Directorate General for International Cooperation (DGIS) of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The program started rolling out bio-digester technology in Kenya in 2009, with over 16,000 bio-digesters installed across the country between 2009 and 2015. KBP aims to achieve installations of over 10,000 more bio-digesters by 2019, to scale affordable clean energy for domestic use and bio-slurry fertilizer for increased agricultural productivity.

How We Work


The Kenya Biogas Program has modelled a marketing approach that aims at building effective marketing and business development structure for the biogas sector, this approach is called the Biogas Marketing Hub model (BMH).

The BMH model constitutes concentrating bio-digester information, training, sales, extension and marketing efforts around organised target markets that already have common interest or service for farming households (either around credit and produce marketing) we have already set up over 25 Hubs in Kenya around Dairy, coffee and Tea Farmer Cooperatives and SACCO’s, which are more advanced in terms of farmer cooperation.

Actual Results

  • 17,134
    Biogas plant construction
  • C02279,300
    Green House Gas emission reduction
  • Ha23,042
    Deforestation reduction
  • DM188,528
    Soil nitrification (Bioslurry)
  • T286,981
    Biomass saved
  • 102,804
    Lives Directly Touched

Potential Results

  • 3,000,000
    Biogas plant potential
  • C0212,000,000
    Green House Gas emission reduction
  • Ha999,000
    Deforestation reduction
  • DM8,100,000
    Soil nitrification (Bioslurry)
  • 18,000,000
    Lives Directly Touched

Value Proposition

To Homes

Provide a guarantee for quality and functional bio-digesters through linkages to qualified accredited construction entrepreneurs, quality control services, and customer care support.

To Government

Contribute to the government’s efforts to deliver to commitments for climate change mitigation and sustainable development goal 7.

To construction entreprenuers/ installation companies

Provide technical support for skill improvementon bio-digester construction, support in promotion and marketing of bio-digesters and entrepreneurial capacity development.

To farmer cooperative societies and sacco's

Support in establishment of a biogas marketing hub within their operational structure, where members in addition to other benefits, can reliably access biodigester construction or installation services.

Our Team

  • Kevin Kinusu
    Program Manager
  • Tim Mungai
    Business Development and Marketing Manager
  • Eng. Mike Wasonga
    Quality Manager
  • Isaiah Gichana
    Finance and Administration Manager
  • Salome Wahome
    Monitoring and Evaluation Officer