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The Africa Bioenergy Programs Limited (ABPL) takes this opportunity to invite you to participate in the Africa Biogas Carbon Programme – Kenya – 001 (GS 2750) & Africa Biogas Carbon Programme – Kenya – 006 (GS 5801) Stakeholder Feedback Round (SFR) for Renewal of Crediting Period following your participation in the Local Stakeholder Consultation meeting that took place on 27th April 2022 at Pride Inn Azure Hotel, Lantana Road Westlands in Nairobi from 9: 00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.


The ABC PoA is a registered voluntary Gold Standard (GS) carbon programme with the ID GS2747 and is active in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. As part of the carbon certification process overseen by the Gold Standard Foundation, relevant stakeholders, including local stakeholders, government authorities, NGOs, farmers and the general public are presented with the opportunity to provide feedback based on the VPA01 & VPA06 Stakeholder Consultation Report attached.

Please visit https://registry.goldstandard.org/projects/details/1644  for further information on:

  • ABC  PoA Design Document
  • VPA01 & VPA06  Design Documents

Your participation will be highly regarded.

Please send your feedback by replying to this email or send to swahome@kbp.co.ke 

VPA01 & VPA06_V2.0-Stakeholder Consultation Report

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