Gold Standard stakeholder feedback round for the Kenya biogas program

The Kenya Biogas Program (KBP) would like to take this opportunity to invite you to participate in the Stakeholder Feedback Round of the African Biogas Carbon Program, which is currently being developed as an emission reduction project, also known as a Program of Activities with the Gold Standard Foundation to certify emission reductions achieved. This is the sixth project activity to be included under this Program and is implemented by the Kenya Biogas Program.

As part of the carbon certification process overseen by the Gold Standard Foundation, relevant stakeholders are presented with the opportunity to provide feedback on the Kenya Biogas Program’s design through two separate rounds of stakeholder consultations. The first round is the Local Stakeholder Consultation, a physical meeting which was organized by Uganda Carbon Bureau on 19TH October 2011 in Nairobi, Kenya. The second live meeting was held on 29th May 2015 was facilitated by Kenya Biogas Program under the African Biogas Partnership Program (ABPP). Please note that back 2011, the consultation was carried out for a Program called the African Clean Energy Switch – Biogas (ACES-Biogas). The name has since been changed to the African Biogas Partnership Program and the Program is now managed by the African Biogas Partnership Program, but otherwise remains identical in terms of design and impact to what was presented during the aforementioned Local Stakeholder Consultation meeting.

Following the two meetings, we would like to share with you, the stakeholder or associated party, the documentation and project design of the Kenya Biogas Program. This includes presenting how your comments received have been incorporated, and allow you to further express any outstanding concerns or suggestions that you may have about the Program.

KBP would hereby like to share with you the following documentation, for your perusal:

You are especially encouraged to take a look at the ‘Minutes of physical meeting’ and ‘Assessment of all comments’ sections in the Local Stakeholder Consultation report, as well as the sections pertaining to the Local Stakeholder Consultation in the Project Design Documents. The feedback can be sent back to us through Miss Catherine Njambi via email address or through telephone number 0791496964.

If you prefer to receive electronic copies of these files through email as an attachment, please do let us know. Furthermore, hardcopies of these files are also available at the Kenya Biogas Program office whose address is:

ACS Plaza,
Along Lenana Road,
P.O. Box 19875 00202 Nairobi Kenya

This consultation round is open for a period of two months, meaning that we will await your feedback until 25th April 2018.

Kevin Kinusu – Program Manager

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