The After Sales Service Treasure

Fridah Gatwiri, is a happy satisfied biogas farmer who hails from Kioro village, Kithirune location, Meru County, Kenya. Her knowledge of biodigesters was established when she attended an Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK) show in the county. She later approached a BCE who was able to construct a biodigester on her farm. The biogas has greatly improved her life. She reports that she no longer uses firewood therefore saving on the finances used to purchase firewood. In addition, she no longer suffers from eye irritations and respiratory problems, which was the norm when she was using firewood. Her cooking pans no longer have soot after cooking making them easier to clean unlike when she was using firewood. She is also able to regulate the flame while cooking unlike when she used to cook with firewood. During power outages, the biogas lamp is always on standby.

Due to the After Sales Service, there exists a cordial relationship between her and the BCE who constructed her plant. She has provided the BCE with referrals to her neighbors and friends who shown interest in having a biodigester in their farms. The BCE is always quick to respond once the plant has an issue and has taught her many things including trouble shooting, feeding, maintenance and use of bioslurry. She applies bioslurry directly into her farm as fertilizer for various crops such as cabbages, maize and French beans. This has tremendously improved crop production and reduced pests in her farm. For her, buying chemical fertilizers has become history.

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